Dances with Woofs - If you can't walk them.....'Woof'
Dances with Woofs want to ensure you feel entirely comfortable leaving your dogs and pets in our company. So, if we haven't covered it just drop us an email or give us a call and we'll be delighted to answer any other questions you may have.  
Q. What if your services do not cover all my requirements?
A. Dances with Woofs are extremely flexible and we understand that every dog and pet have different needs. If our main services do not suit your pets needs just give us a call and we will devise a pet plan which does.
Q. How many dogs are walked together?
A. We are a one-to-one walking service or more dogs if they are from the same household. However, if you prefer your woofs to be socialised we do offer selected group walkies and walk up to 3 dogs at one time. 
Q. Do you walk dogs off the lead?
A. We believe that allowing dogs to exercise off the lead is much more stimulating for them. If you give us written consent for your dogs to be walked off the lead then we prefer to do so, as long as their recall and behaviour with other dogs is good.   
Q: Will my dogs be walked for the full time period of the booked session i.e. 30 or 60 minutes?
A. Absolutely, your dogs will be walked for the length of the agreed session. We are keen to reduce our carbon footprint and therefore try and limit our use of vans for transportation. Dogs are generally walked from their own home or collection point as agreed. Often walks can be longer than the allotted time at no extra charge. 
Q. Where will my dog be walked?
A. We always try to exercise your dogs off road in the nearest parks, woodland areas, public footpaths and bridle paths close to your home where they can be safely let off the lead (subject to owners consent and settling in period).   
Q. What happens if you can't walk my dog for some reason?
A. We will always try our best to give you notice in advance to allow you time to make alternative arrangements. 
Q. Are you insured?
A. Yes, we have full Public Liability Insurance, Custody, Care & Control & Key Loss Cover. 
Q. Do my pets need to be insured?
A. We would highly recommend insuring your pets, insurance covers third party walking and also in the event of an accident or incident your own personal insurance should cover any medical needs.
Q. What is your cancellation policy?
A. If you do have to cancel a walk for some reason, please let us know 48 hrs before your next appointment. For weekly bookings we require a minimum of one weeks cancellation notice. Please see T&C's for full policy details. 
Q. What happens in the event of an emergency?
A. You would be contacted immediately. Your pets safety and wellbeing are our foremost concern, so just in case, we will take your pets own vet details. Your pet would be taken to your own vet or the closest surgery. All veterinary costs are to be covered by owners.
Q. How do I pay for the sessions?  
A. If you are a regular client we will invoice you on a weekly or monthly basis, you can pay by bank transfer on receipt of the invoice. NB: we no longer accept cheques as a form of payment. For ad-hoc walks and visits you will be charged immediately for each visit and can pay by credit/debit card, bank transfer for the services.
Q. My bitch/dog is not neutered/spayed, is this a problem?
A. This isn't a problem but when a bitch comes on heat, for her own safety and wellbeing she will not be able to be walked with other dogs. We can organise a feed & fuss session and let her out in the garden as an alternative if required. We accept and walk un-neutered dogs as long as their behavior is not aggressive towards other dogs or people. 

Q. Do you pick up after your dogs?
A. Absolutely, we supply bags and always pick up after the dogs in our care. We are advocates of and support responsible dog ownership. We are also a certified corporate supporter of 'Keep Britain Tidy'.
Q. Do my dogs need to be vaccinated?
A. Yes, all dogs need to be up to date with their inoculation plan, you will need to provide proof of this during our first consultation session. We also advise to protect against kennel cough. 
Q. Do you need to retain keys to my house?
A. This service is provided but it is entirely your choice. We can retain the house key on our secure premises or we can return the key back to you. All keys retained on our premises are not kept with any of your contact or house details, they are coded only. Your contact data is kept in a separate secure location. We can organise an alternative collection of house keys which will incur a small service charge. If we are covering sessions for a short or long term holiday period we will return the key to you upon completion of the agreed cover dates.  
Q. Are you police checked?
A. Yes, we will provide you with the necessary documentation in your joiners pack during our consultation session.
Q. Can you provide references?
A. We can provide references from current and previous clients upon request. You can also read what our clients are saying about us on our client testimonials page.